US Department of Defense
Advancing Blast Injury Research to Protect and Heal Those Who Serve

State-of-the-Science Meeting on Mitigating The Impact of Blast-related Burn Injuries: From Prolonged Field Care to Rehabilitation and Resilience

The Ninth Department of Defense State-of-the-Science Meeting on Blast Injury Research continues the legacy of this unique meeting series that leverages the expertise of outstanding scientists, engineers, and clinicians to identify knowledge gaps and inform future research needed to close the gaps in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of blast injury. This year's meeting objectives are to determine what is known and what needs to be known on:

  1. The epidemiology and outcomes of blast-related burn injuries
  2. Prolonged field care and blast-related burn injuries
  3. Acute fixed facility treatment of blast-related burn injuries
  4. The chronic care of blast-related burn injuries
  5. Game changing opportunities to transform blast-related burn injury research

We are pleased to share that this event has been approved as a working meeting. More information, including waitlist information, can be found on the Rand website.

Last modified: 13-Dec-2019