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Proceedings from Veteran's Affairs Traumatic Brain Injury State-of-the-Art Meeting

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PCO Director, Mr. Leggieri, and several current and former members of USAMRMC, including Drs. Curley, Pacifico, and Tortella, are authors on a recent article published in a special edition issue of the journal Brain Injury, entitled "Preclinical modelling of militarily relevant traumatic brain injuries: Challenges and recommendations for future directions." The article captured the discussions that took place during an August 2015 US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) State-of-the-Art meeting, which brought together stakeholders from the VA, DoD, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and academia to assess traumatic brain injury (TBI) research, identify gaps, and recommend future research to fill the gaps. Mr. Leggieri contributed to the article by emphasizing the need to accurately characterize Service member blast exposures, including exposures to repeated occupational levels of blast overpressure during weapons training, and the importance of creating relevant blast exposures in the laboratory to support blast-related brain injury research.

Last modified: 02-Nov-2017