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Blast-induced traumatic brain injury review published by BIRCO

On September 12, 2019, the Journal of Experimental Neuroscience published a scientific review of blast-induced head trauma authored by COL Sidney Hinds and BIRCO contract staff. The title is "Blast-Related Traumatic Brain Injury: Current Concepts and Research Considerations." The manuscript was written to inform traumatic brain injury researchers of the complexities of blast overpressure induced head trauma and its comparability to blunt mechanisms of head trauma. Also discussed is the potential for blast overpressure biomarkers, the utility of future biodosimeters to link blast exposure to health outcomes, and variables that predict sustaining a head injury and/or exacerbate psychological conditions. This manuscript complements findings from recent BIRCO sponsored State-of-the-Science meetings and emphasizes that proposed future research should be grounded in the current evidence-base.

Download the article (PDF icon 616 KB)

Last modified: 03-Oct-2019