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7th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference


Brain Health Research Program Coordinator, COL Sidney Hinds II, was an invited speaker at the 7th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference hosted by Arrowhead Publishing in Washington, DC. The goal of this annual conference is to bring together scientists and clinicians from industry, academia, and government to discuss the latest breakthroughs in traumatic brain injury (TBI) research and clinical care. This year's interdisciplinary meeting brought together over 180 attendees representing expertise across the continuum of TBI care including injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Focus areas included preclinical models of brain injury, TBI biomarker development and validation, improvements in outcomes research, emerging tools for the diagnosis and assessment of TBI, and current clinical management across the spectrum of TBI severities. In addition to a wide range of presentations and panel sessions, the meeting also included poster sessions and numerous networking events.

COL Hinds' presentation, titled "Neuroimaging as a Biomarker for Traumatic Brain Injury," focused on the application of advanced neuroimaging techniques to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of TBI. He discussed one possible medical paradigm to put into perspective the efforts in TBI biomarker research and showcased recent efforts to apply advanced neuroimaging to the challenges associated with the heterogeneity of the TBI population. In addition, COL Hinds participated in a panel session in which he discussed translational gaps, applying research findings to TBI clinical diagnosis and treatment, sharing with attendees the best ways to develop research collaborations with military organizations.

COL Hinds' participation in the meeting supports to the Department of Defense Blast Injury Research Program's Executive Agent responsibilities to promote collaboration between academia, industry, and military researchers and to share recent advances in military neurotrauma related research.

Last modified: 06-Jul-2017