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Advancing Blast Injury Research to Protect and Heal Those Who Serve

Brain Health Research Program

Brain Health Program

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) has become the signature wound of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To continue to lead the Department of Defense's (DoD) research efforts to improve the understanding of the brain and the actions and tactics necessary to prevent and treat brain injuries, the DoD Blast Injury Research Coordinating Office (BIRCO) created the Brain Health Research Program to support brain health responsibilities of the Executive Agent (EA) relevant to neurological and neuropsychological health. The BIRCO defines brain health as the research, education, and clinical care that encompasses the continuum of care in neurotrauma: prevention, protection, identification, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery. In this way, the Brain Health Research Program is in alignment with those preventable factors, acute injury, chronic illness, and neurodegeneration associated with trauma to the central nervous system (CNS). This program supports EA responsibilities to bring national and international awareness to brain trauma-related research and clinical practices information, and to facilitate collaboration and promote information sharing among researchers and clinicians across the DoD, other federal agencies, academia, and industry. The Brain Health Program is managed by the Brain Health Research Program Coordinator.

Last modified: 18-Jun-2019